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Tools for Thought Rocks Spatial Canvases, Part 5

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Tools for Thought Rocks! is a talk series about using computers as tools for thinking. Sessions are intended to facilitate an interchange of ideas and promote the interoperability of tools.

​​​Each talk will be ~25 minutes long, with ~20 minutes for Q&A.

Spatial Canvas Series, Part Five: More ✨Spatial Canvas✨ explorations! Each of the speakers is working on building a spatial canvas-based tool for thought and will share about their goals and learnings.


  • Steve Ruiz of TLDraw.

  • Adam Wiggins of Muse. Adam will demo Muse’s take on the canvas including nested boards. Then he’ll talk about what they’ve learned from Muse’s users over the last couple of years about the canvas document type, both for individual and team use.

​Hope to see you there!