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Longevity SF + Bits In Bio Happy Hour

Hosted by Christin Glorioso & 3 others
Past Event
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Networking Happy Hour for Longevity SF and Bits in Bio folks at the Beautiful Savills space.

Longevity SF is the San Francisco Bay Area chapter of the non-profit, Longevity Global. We host events for our curated community of longevity researchers, investors, and entrepreneurs. These monthly events include research talks, networking events, hikes, and our annual finale event, the Longevity Summit at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging. We also connect virtually on Slack. You can apply to join us here.

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​​Bits in Bio is a global community building at the intersection of software and biotech. Our mission is to bring together the tech and bio communities to share knowledge and build software tools to empower scientific discovery. We organize meetups, Q&As with industry leading figures, hackathons, and much more to facilitate connections in this space.

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