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TechWadi's Annual Forum is here and this time we are back in person!

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Why should you join us this year?

  • Hear & Learn from founders and operators of early stage startups to unicorns.

  • Connect with VCs and investors as they share their insights on how they assess investment, and how to best position your business for a raise.

  • Meet some of the top Silicon Valley startups and understand how they succeeded against all odds.

Find out about all of this and more as you meet all of these amazing speakers and panelists by interacting with 300+ new & established entrepreneurs, operators, investors, policy makers & ecosystem stakeholders from Silicon Valley and beyond at this year's annual Techwadi forum!

Doors open: 9:00 AM
Event Begins: 9:30AM
Event ends: 5:00pm
Networking lunch included


We are thrilled to have the following individuals join us:

  • Rania Succar (CEO, Mailchimp Intuit)

  • Jehad Affoneh (Chief Design Officer, Toast)

  • Omar Soudodi (Director, Amazon Pay)

  • Noha Rizk (Director, Meta AI)

  • Sam Jadallah (Investor & Previously Head of Home Services, Apple)

  • Yasi Baiani (Investor & SVP, Cleo)

  • Ghazi Shami (CEO & Founder, Empire)

  • Anas Osman (Vice President, Google Cloud)

  • Priya Rajan (MD, Silicon Valley Bank)

  • Hossam Tewfik (Snr. Group Product Manager, Facebook)

  • Michelle Grabau (Director of Curriculum & Fitness Programming, Tonal)

  • Amr Shady (CEO, Tribal)

  • May Habib (CEO & Cofounder, Writer)

  • Ahmad Alghazi (Founder & CEO, CAN)

  • Sonia El-Sherif (Chief of Staff, JLL Spark)

  • Laila Abudahi (Cofounder, Manara)

  • Riley Rodgers (Principal, Valia Ventures)

  • Sujude Dalieh (Investor, Jazz Ventures)

  • Robhy Bustami (Cofounder & CEO, BioticsAI)

  • Tawfiq Abu-Khajil (Director of Sales, Qualifi)

  • Mehdi Alhassani (Head of Internal Operations, Palantir)

  • Mana Jabbour (Business Intelligence, Google)

  • Elias Saadeh (Vice President, Silicon Valley Bank)

  • Hani Azzam (Product, Capital One)

  • Zeena Ojjeh (Marcomms, Mubadala Capital)

More speakers and panelists to be announced soon!

Previous speakers from the years include:

  • Aman Bhutani (CEO - GoDaddy)

  • Crown Prince of Jordan Hussein 

  • Johnny Boufarhat (Founder & CEO, Hopin)

  • Tatyana Mamut (CPO  - NextDoor)

  • Amr Awadallah (Cofounder & CTO - Cloudera) 

  • Ronaldo Mouchawar (Co-Founder & CEO - SOUQ / Amazon MENA)

  • Iman Abuzeid (Co-Founder & CEO - Incredible Health)

  • Amjad Masad (Founder - Replit)

  • Hussein Mehanna (VP of AI/ML - Cruise) 

  • Tray Stevens (Partner - Founders Fund)

  • Noor Sweid (Partner - Global Ventures)

  • Henrique Dubugras (Founder - Brex)

  • Amira Yahyaoui (Founder - Mos) 

Amongst many amazing others.


If you're looking for accommodation, here's a few that are walking distance to the venue:

Other notes

  • Please note that Techwadi will honor refunds through Sunday Nov 6. Afterwards all sales are final

  • By attending you agree and understand that their is a risk of getting COVID-19 and that Techwadi, its affiliates, and anyone else affiliated with the organization cannot be held liable.