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Cover Image for Techstars Anywhere Demo Day
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Techstars Anywhere Demo Day

Hosted by Carly Forcade, Trey Bowles & Misti Cain
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Join us on June 11th at 10:00 am PT (1:00 pm ET) to meet the 12 companies graduating from Techstars Anywhere Spring Class 2024.

The Techstars Anywhere Demo Day will give the Techstars Anywhere community, mentors and investors a first look at the 12 companies post Techstars!

The 2024 class is made up of 12 startups from a variety of locations, backgrounds, markets, verticals and business models. Some of the companies are helmed by solo founders, some have teams. Some of the founders have prior exits, some are embarking on their startup journey for the first time, but all of them have fully engaged in the program and made the most of their Techstars Anywhere experience. We’re excited for you to meet them and see what they’ve built.

It is with pride and excitement that we introduce you to the Techstars Anywhere 2024 class:

  • Agri-Trak | Agri-Trak is a software platform that manages farm labor and tracks productivity and harvest data.

  • Epicurate | Concierge curated direct access to the best private chefs and luxury experiences that make any home a private resort.

  • Faible | Imagined by Authors, tailored by You, narrated by AI. Equal parts Novel and Game…Faible empowers readers to play their own path through expansive story worlds hand-crafted by creative writers.

  • Fire Memos | We enable employers to reduce the pressure on people managers by coaching employees on how to track and rank their work accomplishments and self-assess their growth using AI coaching.

  • INSPIRR | INSPIRR is a first-of-its-kind platform for investing in the future earnings, ventures and success of ambitious individuals.

  • Lucky Juicebox | The UGC Platform for Real-World Games

  • Naria | Every child has a unique blend of family heritage, personal journeys, and tales in their imagination. However, not every child is a writer, illustrator, or animator. We help them and their parents bring their stories to life, with the help of AI.

  • Namara Water Technologies | Namara optimizes water use for the whole-home.

  • OtterSpace | OtterSpace provides sleep solutions designed by neuroscientists, inspired by sleep science, and tailored to optimize the sleep experience for your entire family.

  • RedVest App | Redvest is the place to learn investing for GenZs. Learn, compete, play and start your journey to financial freedom!

  • Sholder | Transformative mental & emotional support from qualified non-clinical providers.

  • Space Redi | We help businesses predict, manage, and understand the risks associated with human spaceflight and other high-risk operations.

As you can see, this varied group of founders and startups embody all that is true about Techstars: Big ideas, amazing vision, addressing big problems with an even bigger vision for how to solve those problems. 

If you have any questions about Techstars Anywhere Demo Day or the companies pitching, please reach out to

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