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Startup Technical Strategy without a Technical Co-founder

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Are you a non-technical founder in search of a technical co-founder?

Are you struggling with hiring your first engineer or CTO?

Are you trying to figure out how to work best with your engineers?

Think of me as your interim technical co-founder. Throughout the series, I’ll share tips on:

  • Hiring strategies - how to attract technical talent

  • Technical strategies for your startup - MVP building

  • Communicating with technical people - engineers, technical founders, or contractors

In the first session, I’ll take a deep dive into:

  • Finding a technical co-founder vs. a CTO

  • Full-time Engineers vs. contractors

  • How to write an attractive job description

This will be an interactive session, and I’ll ask for volunteers to work through real-life scenarios.

Speaker: Jean Lee

I’ve been working as a Software Engineer and Manager for the past 10+ years. Most recently, I was the 19th engineer at WhatsApp, prior to the $18 billion acquisition by Facebook. I have experience building teams from scratch and growing a new engineering office from 0 to 100.

There will be a Q&A after a brief talk. Please join this slack channel to share your questions in advance.