Cover Image for Techacks 4.0💻 36 Hour🕰️ In-Person Hackathon🎉

Techacks 4.0💻 36 Hour🕰️ In-Person Hackathon🎉

Hosted by Aryan Kaushik & Techacks 4.0
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About Techacks :

Techacks stands out as a hacker community committed to fostering inclusive tech literacy, open-source engagement, and industry preparedness. Through accessible workshops and hackathons, our goal is to empower individuals with fundamental skills while promoting innovation and problem-solving.

Techacks 4.0 supported by Orkes is an opportunity for tech enthusiasts to come together and collaborate on innovative projects. Participants will have the chance to showcase their skills, learn from industry experts, and network with like-minded individuals.
It is a beginner-friendly hackathon, which is open to students as well as working professionals.

🎪 Details:

📅  Date: Jan 19-21' 2024 | 🌏 Location: Chitkara University, Punjab 
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