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How to stand out in your job search by leveraging team-based experiences

Hosted by Design Buddies & You Belong in Tech | Co.Lab
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During job interviews, you'll likely be asked about your teamwork experiences. When building products, you'll likely be collaborating with designers, product managers, engineers, researchers, and more on your team.

Join our panelists Minjun, Shaun, and Kayla with hosts Sefunmi and Grace to learn how to translate your teamwork experiences into actionable insights on your job search!

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🐰 About our speakers

​Minjun Chen is currently a product designer at Microsoft, designing rich multimedia experiences for Bing search. Prior to Microsoft, she worked at Amazon and Wayfair, designing a variety of products in e-commerce, supply chain and hardware. Outside her day-to-day work, Minjun loves damn good coffee, boxing and cats.

​Connect with Minjun: LinkedIn

Shaun Hickson is an engineering leader at Google focused on building technical infrastructure leveraged by hundreds of teams within Google and Google Cloud. Prior to Google, Shaun was at Amazon Web Services, where he led teams responsible for building language SDKs and the AWS CLI. He is interested in identifying systemic ways to build teams that are more diverse and inclusive, and believes that strong and supportive teams build better software.

Connect with Shaun: Twitter

Kayla Mujkanovic is a Senior Product Manager at Mednow. Kayla is dedicated to helping others in their career development (mentor with Co.Lab, ADP List), and is motivated by working on impactful projects and products. Outside of work, Kayla loves biking, reading, barre and travel.

Connect with Kayla: LinkedIn

Sefunmi Osinaike is the Co-Founder of Co.Lab, a program that empowers and prepares aspiring technologists for success within the tech industry. They facilitate collaborative, hands-on product development experience for product managers, designers and developers to gain real-world experience shipping products in eight weeks. He is also the author of How to Product—a book on transitioning into product management from outside the industry, and a previous product manager at Microsoft and Apple.

Check out Co.Lab: Website

Grace Ling is a designer, community builder, artist, runner, speaker, and content creator. By day, she is a Product Designer at Electronic Arts working on products for marketing and events. By night, she is the Founder & Design Lead of the Design Buddies community.

​Previously, Grace studied bioengineering and computer science/engineering in college. She did game design & development before pivoting to product design. For fun, Grace has ran a lifestyle blog since high school and has been posting art on the internet since.

​Connect with Grace: LinkedIn | Instagram (self) | Instagram (art) | Twitter | Portfolio

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