Cover Image for Conscious Breathwork Fest by WeBreaze & Karisma
Cover Image for Conscious Breathwork Fest by WeBreaze & Karisma
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Conscious Breathwork Fest by WeBreaze & Karisma

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Barcelona, Catalunya
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About Event

WeBreaze & Karisma are joining forces to create Barcelona's largest and most exhilarating Conscious Breathwork Experience yet!

Prepare to unveil a heightened state of awareness and gain crystal-clear insights into your true self.

WeBreaze's Björn breathwork artistry, combined with Emiliano's sonorous soundscapes, will create a transformative experience that will resonate on all sensory levels.

Are you ready to embark on a next-level breathwork journey of and dive deep into the magic of your consciousness?

​🗓️ Agenda

1️⃣ Welcome & Arrival: 3PM – 3:30PM

It's time to arrive, connect with both familiar and new faces. We'll introduce you to the space and our unique vibe.

2️⃣ Grounding: 3:30PM – 3:45PM

Commence your practice by anchoring yourself in the here and now, attuning your awareness to your breath and physical sensations.

3️⃣ Breathwork Introduction: 3:45PM – 4:00PM

Before we go deep and experience the power of breathwork, we'll quickly go over some theory and share with you the basics and benefits of transformational breathwork.

4️⃣ Breathwork Experience: 4PM – 5:30PM

During this pivotal phase, we will adeptly lead you through a profound journey of breath exploration, where you'll harness the transformational power within each inhale and exhale.

Witness the release of long-held energies and emotions, allowing a profound sense of liberation and emotional renewal.

Nurture a profound connection with gratitude and foster self-love for the unique individual you are.

5️⃣ Small Sharing Circles: 5:30PM – 6PM

Partake in an enriching exchange of experiences to deepen your understanding of the transformative magic.

6️⃣ Ending & Integration: 6PM – 6:30PM

Allow everything you've felt and experienced to settle in, gently finding your way back to the present moment.

We'll also share some final words and concluse the breathwork experience with a powerful ending, before we get to the last phase of the fest.

7️⃣ Conscious Afterparty: 6:30PM – 9PM

Unlock the power of your increased awareness to forge meaningful connections with like-minded individuals on a profound level.

Embrace this extraordinary journey of discovery and watch as you naturally attract the kindred souls you've long sought after.

🤝 Meet our sponsors

A heartfelt thank you to our sponsors whose generous support make this event possible.

Your contributions have transformed our vision into a reality, and we are deeply grateful for your partnership.

🚀 What you'll gain

  • Increased clarity and awareness: You can delve deep into your subconscious and attain a higher level of clarity and consciousness.

  • Deep relaxation: The intense and continuous breathing technique leads to deep relaxation, helping you release stress and calm your mind.

  • Emotional healing: It can assist in resolving emotional blockages and traumas, freeing you from negative emotions.

  • Improved health: Conscious breathing enhances the distribution of oxygen and nutrients in your body, promoting physical well-being.

  • Connection: This technique supports you in connecting with your inner essence and spiritual nature.

🤔 What to bring

​We suggest wearing cozy, warm clothes, such as a hoodie, and recommend bringing a blanket if you tend to get cold easily.🚨

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Barcelona, Catalunya
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