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Talent Protocol Community Call

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This series has no upcoming sessions scheduled. Heard something is coming? Check back later!
About Event

For Talent Protocol, our Community Calls are almost a 1-1 meeting with core contributors - filled with important announcements, the chance to ask questions and earn a POAP 🌟

Here are 5 reasons to join our Community Call:

🖼️ 1. A round-up on what happened last month, in less than 40 minutes

Not having the time to go over our Discord or Twitter? The community call is the best way to keep up with Talent Protocol.

👀 2. Be the first to know

We usually share some relevant announcements during the call — so if you want to be the first one to know, you should dial in!

🙋 3. Ask questions and get answers in real time

Your burning questions, answered by the core contributors.

🤩 4. Perks & participation

You say POAPs, we say POAPs — and not only this! Shout-outs and rewards to the most interesting insights are given during the Community Call.

🏗️ 5. Building as we speak

By attending these calls, you're actively supporting the community and building the protocol — and you know, we do better if we're all together.