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Talent Day with Protocol Labs

Hosted by Talent Protocol & Protocol Labs
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About Event

ā€‹Talent Day with Protocol Labs marks the start of Talent House #5 in Lisbon šŸ‡µšŸ‡¹

ā€‹This event is a blend of informational sessions, good Portuguese food, and laid-back networking. It aims to incentivize the creation of interesting and useful connections between different communities (Talent House, PL network, HER DAO, Blu3 DAO, Crypto Nomads Club, Launch House, ā€¦) even before the beginning of the main Web3 events (ETHLisbon, Web Summit, Solana BreakPoint, etc).


ā€‹Morning Session: 10:00 - 15:30

ā€‹10:00-11:00 Welcome, Check-in, and Merch Drop

ā€‹11:00-11:45 Workshop - How to kickstart and build a successful Web3 career
Speaker: Nelson Lopez, Global Head of HR Operations at

ā€‹11:45-12:30 Panel 1 - The future of work is decentralized
Panelists: InĆŖs Silva, Co-Initiator & Operations Lead - Athena DAO; Ian Brunner, Head of Talent - Protocol Labs; Radica Gordhandas, Governor - H.E.R. DAO, Creator - web3hubs
Moderator: Pedro Oliveira, Co-Founder & CEO - Talent Protocol

ā€‹12:30-14:00 Lunch Break

ā€‹14:00-14:30 Talk - EVM-Compatible Filecoin Machine (FVM)
Speaker: Zak Ayesh, Dev Advocate - Protocol Labs

ā€‹14:30-15:30 Panel 2 - Emerging Web3 Projects & How to Get Involved
Moderator: Lindsay Walker, Technical Program Manager - Protocol Labs
Panel: Eshan Chordia, Startup Operator - Protocol Labs; Wes Floyd, Product Manager - Protocol Labs; Ansgar Grunseid, Software Engineer - Protocol Labs

ā€‹Evening Session: 15:30 - 21:00

ā€‹15:30-16:00: Second Welcome, New Guest Check-in, and Merch Drop

ā€‹16:00-17:00: Activity - ETHLisbon Humble Teams Builder

ā€‹17:00-19:00: Happy Hour Networking

ā€‹This is a private event and has a limited capacity of 50 people for the Morning Session, and 80 people for the Evening Session. Attendees will be selected based on their profile, not first come first served.

ā€‹See you in Portugal!


Talent House is a grants program created by Talent Protocol and supported by the Celo Foundation that will host talented new builders from all around the world.

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