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Talent To Money Summit

Hosted by Mel Fisher, Ellen Donnelly & Erin McKee
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Are you sitting on untapped potential, instead of fulfilling your entrepreneurial dreams?

Perhaps this sounds familiar...

  • You are so overwhelmed by the number of ideas you could be pursuing that you've yet to make real progress with one

  • You are lacking the confidence to share your ideas publicly because you think you're not ready or not qualified enough

  • You've been exploring all the various platforms, social channels and tech to use but get stuck in the weeds and lack a clear strategy

  • You are burnt out from other work and projects that leave you with little time to dedicate to starting something new

Building a business, launching a side project or earning a side income has never been easier in many ways. The time is ripe for opportunity to earn a living doing what you love.

But so many people remain stuck at the first hurdle. Why?

We believe it's because the roadmap to success is unclear.

But we also believe that you can get your project, business or creation up and running this year. We know because we specialise in helping new entrepreneurs to do just that, by teaching them our own formula for success; the Talent To Money Process.

For the first time ever, we're putting all this knowledge in one place for you experience it all, at one incredible virtual Summit.

The Talent To Money Summit will take you through the four fundamental stages we know every founder must journey through to achieve their goals.


We will be offering actionable advice and you'll hear first hand stories from successful entrepreneurs. Combined with practical action-based support, this Summit will demystify the process of earning money from your talent. Taking you from idea, to income in 2022.

  • Stage 1 - Find your Purpose - Learn how to select the right idea for you

  • Stage 2 - Find your Power - Learn how to talk about your offer with confidence.

  • Stage 3 - Find your People - Understand how to identify and engage your ideal customers

  • Stage 4 - Find your Platform - Learn how to select the right platforms to support your growth

Our remarkable speakers & panelists include:


Register for the Talent To Money Summit now; a unique and empowering event, designed for aspiring founders, creators and anyone who has the goal of making money from their talent. If you want to...

  • Decide for yourself what exciting projects you get to work on

  • Earn more whilst developing skills you care about

  • Build a portfolio of income streams

  • Master the art of marketing your talents no matter what

Register today for the free event.

When & where is it?

The Summit takes place on a Zoom Webinar, on Tuesday 7th & Wednesday 8th of June.

  • 2:45 - 6:30 pm BST | 9:45 am - 1:30 pm EST Tuesday 7th of June
    (Purpose & Power keynote + panel)

  • 2:45 - 7:30 pm BST | 9:45 am - 14:00 pm EST on Wednesday 8th of June (People & Platform keynote + panel)

  • With a Happy Hour meet and mingle session at the end of each day to give you the chance to network with others and enjoy a well-earned tipple!

Can't attend live?

Register anyway! You'll not only get helpful emails in the run up to the event, but everyone who signs up will receive full on-demand access to all session replays for two weeks, until July 1st, 2022.

How much is it?

It's FREE - yes free.

The Summit is designed to be inspirational as well as actionable. We're offering you the unique opportunity to learn from a world class team, and successful entrepreneurs, alongside other aspiring founders.

If you would like to go further, deeper and faster, and work to get your idea ready to generate revenue in the next five weeks, we have more supportive and immersive tools and experiences you’ll find out about once you register.

Who is it for?

The Talent To Money Summit is designed for aspiring entrepreneurs; people who wish to be their own boss, diversify their income streams and learn what it takes to launch income-generating projects. Whether you've got an idea or not, you're welcome!

Frequently asked questions:

Do I need previous experience?

No! If you're new to the creator game or have always wanted to start something, but never quite made it, this is perfect for you. Whilst we will ensure it is challenging, (entrepreneurship is) it will be accessible to new entrepreneurs!

I've already got a business, is this for me?

If you believe that you could be doing MORE with your talent, still have some questions to answer about how to generate more income from your business, then you will find value in the summit.

Do I need to bring anything?

Everyone who attends will get a downloadable mini worksheet to complete the exercises in. Bring a pen and paper pad to take notes, or do so on your computer. Or, purchase the in-depth digital product and start working through it during the Summit.

How do I attend?

You will be sent a link to a Zoom webinar, which is where we will host each of the talks. The link stays the same for the duration of the Summit.