No-code event tracking in GA-4 with Tagmate's chrome extension



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Google Analytics (GA) is a foundational measurement tool for many marketing teams. It’s easy to get tied down with endless comparisons to Universal Analytics, though it’s still important to cleanse the palate and approach GA4’s event tracking with an open mind.

Making the switch to Google Analytics 4 isn’t just something you have to do; the new platform offers some critical new features that will actually help improve your marketing performance overall.

Tracking events in GA is a painful task, but now tracking user interactions on your website is made easy with Tagmate's Tracker for GA/GA4 Events (Chrome Extension)

Tagmate Tracker Chrome extension is the shortest, fastest way to track user interactions on your website with 100% accuracy. Zero code required.

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Save yourself all the hassle and up to 82% of your costs and time by using Tagmate, one of the best no-code tracking solutions :


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