Cover Image for ✍🏼 WORKSHOP: 13 Ways of Looking At Art: A Writing Workshop w/ Courtney Tenz
Cover Image for ✍🏼 WORKSHOP: 13 Ways of Looking At Art: A Writing Workshop w/ Courtney Tenz
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✍🏼 WORKSHOP: 13 Ways of Looking At Art: A Writing Workshop w/ Courtney Tenz

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** This is a LIVE workshop. Attendees will be sent a video recording after the workshop. **

Art can be intimidating, but what if we considered it in a more accessible way? 

Its influence can be felt across cultures, including in writing; even if you consider yourself among the 59% who say they can't identify any movements or styles, chances are your daily encounters with the arts have already made an impact. 

In this workshop, we’ll look past the idea of expertise to uncover other ways of viewing difficult-to-decipher works of art — and inspire you to greater interaction with art in your own writing. Bring a journal and a pen (and, perhaps, a tissue or two). If you have an image of a favorite painting or other artwork on hand, bring that along, too.

John Berger’s Ways of Seeing tells us the aesthetic experience is not passive. To that end, we will learn:

  • How to construct meaning in the interplay between your world and what a piece portrays

  • Why the experts may not know it all

  • To draw our emotional landscape

  • How to best contextualize art

  • New ways of writing about art that don’t require background knowledge

About Courtney Tenz 

A natural-born storyteller, Courtney Tenz writes about the arts and culture from an amateur's perspective. After teaching creative writing and brand storytelling at university for years, she's now keen to help others find the beauty in the intangible every day and connect with their creative side through enhanced introspection. You can find her @writingtheintangibles on Instagram.

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