Cover Image for Substack Masterclass for Video Creators
Cover Image for Substack Masterclass for Video Creators
Angela Yuriko Smith
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Substack Masterclass for Video Creators

Hosted by Randa @ Substack
Past Event
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Substack is home to the world's best writing and podcasting, all based on the power of direct ownership and subscriptions. Now, we're helping the best video creators build their homes on Substack too.

“I’ve been a content creator on TikTok and Instagram for four years now. It’s been amazing building an audience but at times difficult to monetize,” says Violet Witchel, who has more than 2 million followers across those channels and runs a food Substack with thousands of paid subscribers. “Substack has fixed the main problems that full-time creators face. It’s given me consistent income the way a W-2 job would, and allows me to connect directly with all of my followers via email. It’s become the first app I reach for in the morning.”

Come join us for a Masterclass where we'll teach you how to make Substack the best home for your community. We'll cover:

  • Getting started on Substack

  • Migrating your followers from TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube

  • Growth on Substack

  • How to make recurring revenue from paid subscriptions

Please go ahead and set up your Substack account before the meeting so that you can follow along live:

Excited to see you all on Substack!