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Mentor Fireside with Shane: Powering through Tough Times

Hosted by Loren Cohen
Past Event
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Shane is our resident senior mentor, wise sage, Head of Ops @ Koho, and Skillful advisor. He's been through hiring freezes, layoffs and generally tough times at startups before.

He'll share his experience, advice and lead a candid chat on these topics:

  • Mindset shift: how is this an opportunity to focus and carpe more diem

  • Motivating your team through uncertainty and tougher times being lean

  • How to pivot when projects, initiatives etc. get cut

  • How to seize the learning opportunities that come out of tough times

  • How to navigate a hiring freeze when you're already under resourced

Note: this is just for Skillful mentors. We want this to be candid and applicable to people who have to carry the morale and leadership torch through difficult events.