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Porto, Porto District
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Soothsayers & utopians,
Voyagers of the void,
Minstrels, muses, and more:
We come together again — world-worthy and analog.

This event is not like others. If you've been, you know.

Expect a hard-to-describe week of solid humans, psychedelic renaissance, depth, art, mischief, and magic.

We curate for curiosity, courage, care, creativity, brilliance.

Bring your realest self.

♜ Context ♖

SYNESTHESIA is the prodigal child from a lineage of uniquely-curated gatherings that began in French castles and now find their home in a permanent HQ. The program is hybrid professionally produced & co-created.

𓃀 Instead of a normal ticket, each participant joins a guild based on their sensorial imperative with an invitation to imbue the gathering with that sense (or a multi-sensory experiment).

𓂫 Six days plant-forward food included with all tickets. The event is decommodified & financially inclusive. Once you are here, your needs are met and there is no need for money.

⚖ Accommodation [rooms, cabins, glamping] offered separately [July release] or bring your own for free.

𓏎 50% of the budget for this gathering is allocated to art. Last year, we were 150 participants with 50 team & artists.

𓐐𓎩 Food is central to the experience and we dine together (although there are many quiet nooks and benches in the nature if you're feeling solo).

𓎪 Abundance is provided breakfast, lunch, dinner, as well as community-created midnight bites. Meals are plant-forward with quality ingredients, many local and/or organic.

𓁎 There are invitations to volunteer, contribute, and look-out for one another, but nothing is expected.

♝ Intensity Arc ♗

Day 1: ■■
Day 2: ■■■■
Day 3: ■■■■■■
Day 4: ■■■
Day 5: ■■■■■
Day 6: ■

♛ Guilds ♕

✠ Choose the sense you most wish to imbue into this event.

⚜ There is no wrong choice, though some may improve their fate...

✠ All paths take you to the same place: SYNESTHESIA

Guilds are a low-stakes way to get involved in the shenanigans. Think of it as 'just the fun bit' [depending on your definition of fun] of joining a camp or barrio at a burn or co-created event. No cooking or admin required. You may choose your guild on the 'REQUEST TO JOIN' page.

The guilds are as follows:

⌘ Taste Guild
⌗ Touch Guild
✾ Smell Guild
✦ Sight Guild
♫ Sound Guild
⚖ Proprioceptive Guild
⨂ Senseless Guild

Guild-members are invited to a secret guild-only chat + Notion prior to the gathering to scheme and collaborate. Involvement and creation is encouraged but voluntary. It's perfectly OK to show up the day of the event without a plan.

Naturally, multi-sensory installations, immersions, and experiments are welcome.

Map [under development]


The Garden, a private 23 acre estate nestled on the mountainside in the heart of the Lima river valley.

We enjoy a private lake, established forest garden and groves, pool, sauna, giant hot tub, moonboard climbing wall, villa, two grand halls & embodiment space, four kitchens, gym, yoga decks & yoga platforms, giant dance floor, cork dojo, circus arts, fitness studio, private lake, two swimming springs, jam space full of instruments & soundsystems, fruit orchards, and more.

There is abundant flat, shaded camping available. Late August in these woods is a tropical paradise.

There is fibe-roptic internet on-site and a dedicated co-working terrace. Otherwise, SYNSETHESIA is phone & screen free.

♔ 45 minutes from Porto Airport [OPO]
♘ 3.5 hours from Lisbon.
♕ Hours of forested hiking footsteps out the back gate.
♗ 20-25 minutes to the beach [kitesurfing & surfing]
♖ 20-25 minutes to the waterfall valley.
♙ 15 minutes to Viana do Castelo & Ponte de Lima.
♛ Everything on this land is buzzing with life <3

♞ Financial Aid ♘

If these prices still scare you, apply for financial aid here.
We value financial inclusivity.


  • Ample accommodation will be released with many private rooms, cabins, glamping tipis, and bell tents. Otherwise, bring your own van & tent for free.

  • Introvert friendly.

  • Alcohol & smoke free estate.

  • Moratorium on techno & psytrance.

  • Music line-up is curated. Outdoor sound curfew midnight to 2AM [depending on the night]. We want you to leave feeling better than when you arrived.

  • This event is covered by discrete, professional photographers & other than that no-photos or video are allowed.

  • All photos are real. Film & digital.

  • This is a non-profit endeavor organized by the Garden Association.

We're supported by a dream team:

Sharon, Leela, Saed, Natasha, Laura, Bex, Andre, Yianni, Cintia, and many more.

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Porto, Porto District
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The Garden
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