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Guitar Retreat Sessions w. Homesick Mac (in Swedish)

Hosted by Homesick Mac
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Välkommen till fortsättningen av våra veckoträffar med gitarren i händerna, varje lördag fram till Retreaten i september!

Innehållet styrs av er som kommer men upplägget är:

  • ni spelar till mitt komp och övar olika rytmer, stilar, tekniker...

  • "problemlösning" där deltagarna tar upp saker de sitter fast med i sitt gitarrspel..

  • vi väljer ett ämne eller favoritartist vi vill diskutera

  • även "co-playing sessions" där vi alla sitter var för sig och spelar bara för övandets skull. Detta kan göras i 10-15 minuters intervaller (med mikrofoner avstängda)...


Welcome to the weekly guitar playing sessions every Saturday until the Guitar Retreat!

The Sessions are organised so that I play some nice accompaniment within various blues styles, you either follow along and learn the backup pattern presented, or you experiment further, play solos and so on.

All participants will have their own microphones muted during this, and you will only hear me playing the backup.

The backup will always be 4-5 minutes long, plenty of time to practice. We can do it again if needed.

Then we'd take a short break, talk a little, we'll be including some Q&A where you can ask anything regarding your own playing or setup, get feedback if you want..

Sometimes we'll have a theme - me or the participants can present their favourite artist and talk a little, play a song, discuss their style of playing or singing, and so on.

The Retreat Sessions can also be co-playing, just so that we keep each other accountable.. we assign a time slot and just play with the mics muted, but the video is on.

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