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Thursday Nights in AI: Anyscale CEO Robert Nishihara (by application only)

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San Francisco, California
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Due to some travel issues, @swyx will not be able to join this week. Instead, Anyscale co-founder and CEO Robert Nishihara will be joining instead, same location and same time. (Robert was scheduled to join us for a fireside chat in a few weeks, and kindly agreed to move up his event when @swyx had to postpone.)

Doors open at 6:30. Fireside begins at 7. Food and drinks provided! Co-hosted by Outset Capital and Imbue.

​Join us for a fireside chat with Robert Nishihara, co-founder and CEO of Anyscale. Anyscale most recently raised a $100M Series C at a $1B+ valuation to simplify scaling and productionizing AI applications.

About Robert: Robert Nishihara is one of the creators of Ray, a distributed system for scaling Python and machine learning applications. He is one of the co-founders and CEO of Anyscale, which is the company behind Ray. He did his PhD in machine learning and distributed systems in the computer science department at UC Berkeley. Before that, he majored in math at Harvard.

About Outset Capital: Outset Capital is led by Ali Rohde, Kanjun Qiu, and Josh Albrecht — AI practitioners investing in AI, deeptech, and the future of work. We back companies at the outset, and love to be the first check in.

About Imbue: Imbue is an AI research company aiming to rekindle the dream of the personal computer—by creating practical AI agents that can accomplish larger goals and safely work for us in the real world, and we are hiring!

Not in SF? Join us via LinkedIn Live, or check our YouTube channel to access the recording.