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Startups with Stoa ft. Rishu Garg

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Welcome to the 6th episode of Startups with Stoa!

Continuing with what we do, we have Rishu Garg as our guest for this week. He is the co-founder of ‘threedots’, which is a startup that aims to build communities where beginner traders could meet and share notes with the experienced and expert traders of stock markets.

Aditya will also be filling you guys up with the spiciest news of last week from the world of startups and yeah, the crashing markets.

We’re also hosting a budding entrepreneur – Riten who will share his business idea around “proof of work” that he is working on. We’ll give feedback and help clear his doubts.

The event is happening tomorrow at 7 pm, register by accepting the invite below and I will see you in the session! :)