Text and Localization in SwiftUI Apps



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Text is an important component in many applications as it lets us communicate information to our users. SwiftUI provides a lot of great APIs for working with Text and displaying the content in the right way for users with different needs. We can easily support dynamic text sizes, localize our text strings for different regions of the word and style the text to make it just right for our app design.

In this workshop we are going to learn how SwiftUI handles localization and how it interacts with localization tools in Xcode. We will see how we can display localized and non-localized rich text from Markdown and AttributedStrings and how we can style text using Text and View modifiers.

We are also going to look into the available APIs for formatting data inside Text views for displaying dates, timers, numbers and measurements. And finally, we will go over the different techniques for making our layout adaptive to support the variation in text sizes and string lengths in different locales.

We will be focusing on Text APIs in iOS 16 and Xcode 14, but will also discuss older iOS versions.


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