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How Siri and Grab got Started with AI

Hosted by Swarm & 3 others
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Are you thinking through your product and company’s AI strategy? Learn from the innovators behind the world’s most iconic AI-powered products—Siri and Grab. 🤔

We will be joined by Mohammed Abdoolcarim, the PM responsible for launching Siri on the iPhone now building DesignPro, an AI-powered tool that streamlines design tasks in Figma; Philipp Kandal, the Chief Product Officer at Grab who led the initiative to improve their navigation product with ML; and Tim Santos, the Director of Product for AI Cloud Solutions at Graphcore who has helped launch AI-native companies as a fractional CTO.

This event marks the inaugural installment of a series that aims to empower you with successful case studies and help you get started with crafting a proof of concept, validating your ideas and problems, and equipping your organization to establish and scale an AI practice.

Here are some statements that our target attendees would identify with:

  1. I have an existing product and I’m planning a proof of concept.

  2. I have an in-house AI practice at my company and I’d like to learn best practices for building our organization.

  3. I’m building an AI-native startup and I want to learn how to prepare my organization and tech stack to scale.

  4. I’d like to learn more about how product leaders have transformed products and experiences using AI.

About Swarm 🐝
Swarm is the platform where senior tech consultants form on-demand tech agencies (called Hives) with people they trust. For tech founders and corporate innovators, Swarm recommends clients to a personally curated shortlist of AI, software development, and design consultants and hives. Eighty percent of those referred by Swarm have previously worked with a YC Startup or Fortune 500 company. When a client needs to expand their team, they can hire additional members from a hive—within a group of people who have experience collaborating together.

About DesignPro 🖥
DesignPro is a sort of Linear for designers. It's a task manager that designers actually love using and it uses AI to transform Figma comments and Zoom calls into tasks whilst keeping tasks synchronized between Figma and Jira. We launched this past week and it’s already the #2 ranked task manager in the Figma plugin store.

Check out the Figma plugin here!

Note: We can only grant access to the IRL event to the first 50 people approved. We will invite everyone who signs up to join virtually, if they cannot be accommodated in person.