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Pretzels, Two Ways (Bavarian and Ballpark)

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Purchase this 2.5-hour workshop all about making soft pretzels at home. We cover both crispy-soft Bavarian-style ones and plushie-soft ballpark-style ones, both using simple hand-mixed, poolish- and sourdough-based doughs that come together quickly, and a proofing method that is flexible to any schedule.

I show you how to overcome your fear of lye (which makes for the best flavor and appearance) and cover the use of "baked" baking soda for a slightly less effective but also less dangerous approach. And I'll share the secret to ultra-glossy pretzels that I learned from my German baker friend Heike.

Purchase includes the video and chat transcript from the class, an up-to-date handout, and access to me via email for any questions you might have. ​You will get a link to the files immediately upon purchase.