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Skyland Ventures Connect Tokyo #svconnect

Hosted by Max kinoshita & 5 others
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What is Skyland Ventures Connect Tokyo ?? #svconnect


  • "Skyland Ventures Connect" consists of sessions, startup pitches, and meetups.We aims to connect Japanese and global Web3 startups and Web3 VCs.

  • There are 4 sessions in Japanese and 1 session in English, targeting Japanese and global startups.

  • Startups interested in appearing at the Startup Pitch will give a 5 minute presentation to VCs. If you are interested in speaking, please contact @kinoshitay in Japanese or English language.

  • This event will be a side event of the Webx conference held in Tokyo on July 25-26.


  • このイベントはセッション・スタートアップピッチ・ミートアップで構成され日本・グローバルのWeb3スタートアップ・Web3 VCをコネクトすることを目指しています。

  • セッションは日本語4つ・英語1つのセッションを用意しており、日本系・グローバル系のスタートアップを対象にしています

  • Starup Pitchへの登壇に関心のあるスタートアップはVCに対して5分プレゼン(英語)を行います。登壇に関心がある方は @kinoshitay へ日本語or英語にてご連絡ください。

  • このイベントは7/25-26東京にて行われるWebxカンファレンスのサイドイベントとなります。

About Event

  • Title: Skyland Ventures Connect Tokyo #svconnect

  • Date : Tue. July 25th 2:30pm-6:30pm

  • Venue
    LIFULL Table
    * Google MAP:
    —Address: 1F, 1-4-4, Kojimachi, Chiyoda, Tokyo
    *By walking, 4 minutes from Hanzomon St. on the Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line, 7 minutes from Kojimachi St. on the Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line
    IIt takes about 10 minutes by taxi from Tokyo International Forum, the venue of WebX.

— 住所:東京都千代田区麹町1-4-4 1F
*東京メトロ半蔵門線 半蔵門駅 徒歩4分&東京メトロ有楽町線 麹町駅 徒歩7分
*WebX 会場の東京国際フォーラムよりタクシー約10分

  • Who are Attendees?

    • STRTUPs, VCs, Future STATUPS(including students), media & etc.

  • Co-Host/共同ホスト:

Yay! @takachan114, Kyuzan @takumitx, KEKKAI @dumatoma, tofuNFT @yu_nmzk, murasaki @Shinnosukee07, Hash Global, L Bank Labs, Mask @suji_yan, IVC @whiplus, Skyland Ventures @kinoshitay

  • Contents / コンテンツ

Spekers : Yuzo Kano, bitFlyer Daisuke Iwase, Animoca Brands & KLKTN Yu Numasaki, tofuNFT Takahiro Ishihama, Yay! / Takumi Takahashi, Kyuzan / Shin Murata, Murasaki / Suji Yan, Mask Network & etc.

(Startup Picth for Global VCs)
Tickeme, KEKKAI, NFTauth, SAI, & etc.

- VC Judges:
Hash Global, LBANK Labs, Fenbushi Capital, Mask Network, NexGen Venture, Puzzle Ventures, IVC, Hyperithm, SBI Group, B Dash Venture, Skyland Ventures, etc.

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【Networking Investors and founders】

Incubatefund and skyland will co-host exclusive networking event in the center of Tokyo, designed for entrepreneurs, founders, and investors of early-stage startups!

7/25 9:30~
- Limited to 30 attendees.
- The venue is 20 minutes from WebX Hall.
- ☕ & 🥐
- Free to enter

-Co-Host VC:IncubateFund, Skyland Ventures, Coincheck Labs, Hyperithm, KudasaiJP,IVC (Most active Japan-based Web3 VCs)

Let me know, if you have any question or request.

From Co-Host