Cover Image for CV4W Lecture #5: Photography for Creatives with Steven Foster

CV4W Lecture #5: Photography for Creatives with Steven Foster

Hosted by John from CV4W, Steven Foster & Angie
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Hey everyone!

Please join us for guest lecture #5 with writer, YouTuber and photographer, Steven Foster.

Short bio:

Steven is a Mexican American and Contemplative Creative. He spent over a decade-long career in the tech industry working for Apple and several other start-ups as a software engineer. Three years ago he and his wife moved into the mountains and forests of the American Pacific Northwest, where he now enjoys being a YouTuber, Photographer, Writer, and recently new father! His course Photography For Creatives is all about getting people to unlock timeless photography skills no matter what camera they have. Even if it’s a five-year-old phone!

What we'll get up to:

  • Look at Steven's approach to visualization & photography

  • Discuss how to incorporate visuals & photos in your writing

  • Plus do some hot-seat coaching for a few volunteers

We're excited to see you there!

Angie, John & Steven