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A Rosieland Guide to Creating Profitable and Sustainable Communities

Hosted by Rosie Sherry
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(Sometimes life gets in the way of things. I've updated this session to be a single 2 hour session November 18th)

Community is hot right now. 🔥

Growing one to become sustainable and profitable is often the dream, however, the reality is different.

👋 Hi, I'm Rosie. I ❤️ community building. I've done local tech meetups. Bootstrapped a community to $1.5m in annual revenue (Ministry of Testing). Led the community at Indie Hackers and am now leading community at Orbit.

I have a soft spot for building meaningful and sustainable communities that create impact. I'm going to go on a deep dive into building communities that also make money.

This is what we're going to be doing and making:

Workshop 1 (November 11th)

  • a guide to making money with communities

  • why a paid community mindset often doesn't cut it

  • business models that work for communities

  • Q&A

Workshop 2 (November 18th):

  • community growth strategies

  • strategies to growing your community team

  • a guide to the range of community tools available

  • Q&A

Bonus takeaways:

  • recordings of sessions

  • a database community tools

  • a database for inspiration of profitable community-driven communities

  • a written reference guide to building a profitable community

  • an invite to our Rosieland Discord

Note: Workshop 1 & 2 are live and recorded sessions. Everything else will be accessible resources after the event.