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Women in Web3 Villa Retreat by Superwomen DAO

Hosted by Aditi Chopra & Navsimran Kaur
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About Event

Sundowner to Remember: Women in Web3 Villa Retreat 🍹

Presented by Riva Metaverse & Superwomen DAO.

This event is for Superwomen leading in web3 to unwind in the company of each other after a hectic India Blockchain Week. 🏊‍♀️

An intimate gathering with good vibes, poolside buffet & campfire. We wouldn’t dare coming without our swimming costumes 😋

This event is where we’ll be launching our Super Community: An exclusive Community of Advisors, Investors, Experts, Academics and Influencers who will play a key role in mentoring and educating the larger Superwomen Community! We hope every attending member will choose to offer two hours every month to mentor and educate. This is not mandatory but our expectation :) Transporation will be provided from key points.

Another expectation 😛, please make sure you’re -

• part of our global TG community:

• follow us on Twitter:

• follow us on LinkedIn, Instagram


Aditi Chopra

Founder @ Superwomen DAO