What are useful community success metrics?

Tue, Jun 29, 8:00 PM UTC


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The question for developer relations has always been about how to gather quantitive data to prove value, and most teams do this differently depending on the size of team, and stage of company. Join us as we discuss what stories you can tell to help leadership understand the work you do, which are useful, and how the presentation of data is critical.

Jeremy Meiss (@IAmJerdog) is the Director of DevRel & Community at CircleCI, formerly at Solace, Auth0 and XDA. He is active in the DevRel Community, and is a co-creator of DevOpsPartyGames. A lover of all things coffee, community, open source, and tech, he is also house-broken, and (generally) plays well with others.

Joe Nash (@jna_sh) is a developer educator at Twilio, supporting learners and educators using TwilioQuest. In the past, Joe has worked for students at companies like GitHub and Unity. Joe doesn't believe in clocks, but like the Ancient Egyptians, does believe that geese are sacred.

Mary Thengvall (@mary_grace) is a connector of people at heart, personally and professionally. She loves digging into the strategy of how to build and foster developer communities and has been doing so for over 10 years. Mary is the Director of Developer Relations at Camunda, an open source process automation platform, and the author of the first book on Developer Relations: The Business Value of Developer Relations (© 2018, Apress).

Matthew Revell (@matthewrevell) is the founder of DevRelCon and DeveloperRelations.com, as well as working as a developer relations consultant with companies of all sizes in the US, Europe, Asia, and Australasia.

Tessa Kriesel (@tessak22) is a DevRel consultant and developer growth hacker & founder of Devocate. Previously, Head of Developer Community at Twitter, Head of DevRel at Fast, Developer Outreach Manager at Pantheon, & Engineering Manager at General Mills—to name a few.

This panel will be moderated by Martyn Davies (@martynd). Martyn is Developer Relations Lead at Orbit. With a background as a creative developer, product manager, and hack day organizer, he has been working as a technology advocate for over a decade, building and leading teams of all sizes, from startups to large corporates, whilst educating and empowering developers all over the world. Previous to this he worked in the music industry, which is a whole other story.

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