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The Rise of the Strategic CCO: Roundtables

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CEOs are finally focusing on the post-sale lifecycle of the customer. It’s a positive trend, but if Customer Success leaders only “ride the wave” they’ll be left behind. This shift in focus requires proactive leadership from Customer Success to think about their role in the future of the company’s growth. 

That’s why Nuffsaid launched the first magazine for Customer Success—to curate the best writing and latest thinking on how CS becomes more strategic at the executive level, thereby creating the future of how companies work. 

This 4-part Q&A sessions continues that discussion: It brings together magazine contributors and guests, all thoughtful leaders in the space, to share ideas for moving the function of Customer Success forward. 

Kickoff Discussion: “How Customer Success Becomes More Strategic at the Executive Level” | May 20th

This group will share their take on the role Customer Success should play at the executive level and offer tactics for getting there. 


2nd Roundtable: “Getting Product to Prioritize Your Customers” | May 25th

This group will share steps to designing an effective partnership with Product— including creating shared goals and KPIs, implementing CSM training on gathering feedback, setting up communication channels, and more.


3rd Roundtable: “Fighting Friction Between Sales and Customer Success” | May 27th

Panelists discuss common points of friction between Sales and Customer Success and advice on how to proactively navigate them.  


4th Roundtable: “Bridging the Gap Between Marketing and Customer Success” | June 3rd

This group will share lessons learned and ideas for building a close partnership with Marketing — and getting Marketing to focus on retention.

Special thanks to CS Insider for co-sponsoring this discussion. CS Insider seeks to promote the diverse voices of the Customer Success Community and provide curated resources for the busy professional. 



This roundtable series is brought to you by Nuffsaid. Nuffsaid helps Customer Success teams become proactive by centralizing your core data and apps (like Gmail, Slack, Salesforce, Jira, and more) and focusing CSMs on the right tasks with the highest impact customers.