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StoryWatch Workshop - Control the Stories Driving your Actions

Hosted by Dan Greenwald - ThirtyTenZero
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Did you know the stories in your mind are what make or break all of your success?

That's success as a learner, parent, leader, entrepreneur, partner, job seeker, writer, teacher, child, or whatever you are.

You've experienced these stories. We all have.

It could be:

"Why do I think I can run this organization?"

"I'm not smart enough"

"I'm just not that kind of person to do _________"

"I'm never going to ____________"

What was the last belief that stopped you from moving forward in something you really want?

The reason for these thoughts, beliefs, or stories is because your mind has one sole purpose: to keep you alive, surviving, and "safe."

Your mind is powerful and will do everything it can to achieve this mission.

It does so in three ways:

1. ⚖️ Homeostasis - making sure your body is leveled

2. 🗄 File Cabinet - files away experiences to ensure your future safety

3. 🦺 Creates stories (limiting beliefs or voices in our head) that drive your actions towards being "safe."

The problem is "safe", most often isn't helpful in fueling your growth and actions needed towards hitting the targets to get what you really want.

StoryWatch gives you the ability to take yourself out of default mode in order to capture, control, and cultivate the stories your mind creates to driving your actions.

You will learn a quick and replicable process where you will identify the stories that keep showing up again and again designed to keep you "safe." Odds are you've been seeing a variation of the same stories throughout your life.

All of ThirtyTenZero workshops are guided by first-principle thinking (every concept simplified to building blocks) so as to make the learning practical and easy to implement.

This StoryWatch workshop will give you:

  • Greater self-awareness of what drives your daily actions

  • The ability to control your inner monologue and become unstuck at will

  • Increased speed and quality of your decisions

  • Greater clarity in defining and getting what you really want

  • A practical plan that will immediately improve your life

When: Various dates and times - see other dates here

Where: All workshops are through Zoom

We have a new workshop structure to keep it fresh every time for the teacher and attendees, along with some digital templates using Notion to support making this learning easier to implement into one's daily life.

Reach out with any questions:

Dan's Twitter + ThirtyTenZero website

Q: How does this StoryWatch workshop fit into the ThirtyTenZero framework?

  1. StoryWatch is Step One in the ThirtyTenZero framework. StoryWatch is designed to give you the plan and ability to access consistent clarity and strength needed for the next step in getting what you really want.

  1. Step Two is where you define your Target (30,000 ft. view), Focus (10,000 ft. view), and Daily Actions (0 ft.). The reason is so difficult to uncover what we really want is because we have a mind that creates stories designed to keep us "safe."