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Storytelling for Startups

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Telling a great story is a super power.

Founders can use it to fundraise, marketers can use it to convert customers, and just about anyone can use it to build a compelling blog.

But how to hone your skills as a storyteller? How do you know what story your audience will love? And how do you leverage your storytelling skills into quantifiable results?

By learning from the experts, of course.

Join Hustle Fund GP Eric Bahn and HackerNoon founder David Smooke for a discussion on storytelling.

What we'll cover

  • what makes a great story?

  • what are pathos, ethos, and logos, and how do they come into play?

  • how can we leverage curiosity to increase audience engagement?

  • how to use storytelling to connect with your audience, regardless of topic or industry?

  • what role does vulnerability play when it comes to telling a story?

  • what stories should startups be telling, and where do those stories live?

Who we are

David Smooke is the founder and CEO of HackerNoon, a technology media company with 35,000+ contributing writers and 5-8 million monthly readers.

He's written 276 stories for HackerNoon, and led the company in fundraising $2.9m. In his spare time, David loves walking, basketball, skiing, and being around the world's funniest people.

Eric Bahn is the co-founder and GP of Hustle Fund, an early-stage VC fund that believes great founders look like anyone and come from anywhere.

Eric is a storytelling master, and has cracked the code on using storytelling to connect with investors, partners, press, and founders.

In his spare time, Eric loves hanging with his family, driving his minivan, and is currently learning how to DJ.