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Storytelling for Superstar Teachers

Hosted by Ryan & Dom Zijlstra
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You're an expert in your field and want to teach your skills to others.

But teaching is not like writing a manual. To transform your students into experts, you'll need to keep them engaged and deliver your content in a way that excites.

Storytelling is the answer!

In this workshop, you will learn how to craft stories that are memorable - utilising principles from cognitive science.

Craft a course your students will never forget.

About your guides

Ryan Chadha: Ryan is an educator and is the founder of 2 progressive schools in Bangalore, India. He has designed and curated a curriculum that makes use of the innate curiosity that each individual possesses to propel learning.

He has also created a successful game-based math curriculum called Dragnpi that has resulted in supercharging math learning in children between 6 and 12 years of age.

Dominic Zijlstra: Originally Dutch, Dom learned 5 spoken and 5 programming languages. Along this learning journey he figured out some principles for what works and what doesn't work to learn something new.

Dom has a master's degree in Engineering Physics. He has worked on spacecraft electronics at Airbus for 2 years, and then another 3 years as a data scientist and software engineer for London fintech company Iwoca. He now works full-time as a tool and course creator.