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Stoa v3 Launch

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Considering applying to Stoa School? We are launching Stoa v3, and it's only going to get better. Now you might be curious -

  • What are the changes? What does v3 look like?

  • What were the team's learnings?

  • Will the program still be suitable for me?

  • What do the alumni have to say about it?

I will answer the last question for you here, this is what our fellows had to say -

"Interesting value proposition ;)" - Achyut Todi

"Game changer @Stoa" - Som Shehkar

"Kudo team, it's a game-changer" - Animesh Mishra

"Super' grateful for this and excited AF. This taught me more about consumer-centricity than most books. "  - Mayank Jain

"Love the agile mindset" - Vedaang Prasad

"How to implement feedback 101!" - Dilip Pitchika

Join our founders, Aditya and Raj on a private Zoom call where they will walk you through version 3 address your questions on anything and everything that you might want to know about Stoa School.