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Live with Zerodha CEO Nithin Kamath | Cohort 3 Inaugural

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‘Do not chase money, let it float towards you,’ says Nithin Kamath of Zerodha.

Nithin Kamath started trading in stocks as a teenager and went on to build a successful fintech company. Zerodha has a daily retail trading turnover crossing $1 billion.

What’s the live session about?

​Join us live on YouTube for Stoa School’s Cohort 3 MBA Bootcamp inaugural talk as we talk to Nithin about his journey of building Zerodha into the ‘unicorn’ that it is today. 

Founders of Zerodha started out as a small team, had no pedigree education, no background in tech, no experience, but had a passion for capital markets and the intent to help people trade.

How was the journey like and how did they overcome many challenges they faced? Let's get to know more in this session.

Our previous guests have included the likes of Austen Allred (Co-Founder, Lambda School), Gagan Biyani (Co-Founder, Udemy) and Ankur Warikoo.


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