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Startup Societies & Crypto Cities Summit @ Vitalia

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About Event

Vitalia Overview: is a Zuzalu inspired two month pop up city furthering the frontier of technology.
200+ residents from around the world will gather in January and February to co-create and co-live in the most innovative special economic zone, Prospera, on the Caribbean Island of Roatan.
Within this pop up city, Vitalia hosts multiple conferences.

Startup Societies Summit

The Startup Societies and Crypto Cities Summit is one of these events. By being a practical testing bed for new ideas, we empower the philosophy “Don’t argue, build.” We use the word “startup society” because it encapsulates a variety of new community projects innovating in governance and technology such as network states, pop up cities, online communities, and startup cities. 

Startup cities, including special economic zones, test new new policy ideas that help them flourish (like Shenzhen, Dubai SEZs, etc). Likewise, crypto currencies like bitcoin allow users to experiment with new forms of monetary policy, or in the case of Ethereum, to experiment with new ways of social organization. 


Speakers include:

  • Vitalik Buterin (Virtually) (Visionary behind Ethereum)

  • Arthur Breitman (Founder of Tezos)

  • Magatte Wade (Center for African Prosperity)

  • Balaji S. Srinivasan (Virtually) (Author of The Network State)

  • Robin Hanson (George Mason University)

  • Massimo Mazone (Ciudad Morazon)

  • Abraham Sutherland (Proof of Stake Alliance)

  • Patri Friedman (Founder of the Seasteading Institute and Pronomos Capital)

  • Bob Haywood (Community Matters)

  • Erick Brimen (Prospera)

  • Joel Telpner (CLO of IOHK) (Virtual)

  • Jorge Colindres (Technical secretary of Prospera)

  • Florian Fournier (Threefold)

  • Niza Gonzaléz (Adrianople Group)

  • Kyle Smith (Lex DAO)

  • Petar Cekerevac (Atlas Network)

  • Alex Ugorji (Bootstrap City)

  • Alex Heikel (Isla de Lobos)

  • Laurence Ion (Vitalia and VitaDAO)

  • Niklas Anzinger (Vitalia)

  • Max Medina (Próspera)

  • Suning Yao (Hyper Oracle)

  • Joseph McKinney (Catawba and Startup Societies Network)

  • Nathalie Mezza-Garcia (Catawba and Startup Societies Network)

  • Joe Lonsdale (8VC) (Virtual)

  • Dave McClure (Practical Venture Capital)

  • Nelson Milla (EthHonduras)

  • Michael Castle-Miller (Albright Stonebridge Group)

  • Greg Nakagawa (Pristine Regenerative Medicine)

  • Ray Girn (Higher Ground Education)

  • Ujjwal Deep Dahal (Druk Holdings and Investments) (Virtual)

  • Sondre Rasch (Safetywing)

  • Jordan Hall (Plan B)

  • Primavera de Filippi (Coordi-nations)

  • Gary Lachance

Content and Schedule

Official conference days: Feb 2nd-3rd

Feb 2nd: The first day will be general information and theory of innovative crypto projects, and the power of special economic zones.

Feb 3rd: The second day will focus on praxis, where individual projects discuss what they have learned on the ground. It will conclude with a workshop where individuals engage in hypothetical scenarios for designing and implementing their own startup city or crypto project.

The full startup society week lasts Jan 29 to Feb 4.

There are further opportunities for informal events to meet Vitalia residents and other attendees of the summit through dinners, coffees and workshops, scuba diving adventures, and more outside of the conference days Feb 2nd-3rd.


Housing and transport is self-arranged by attendees

Breakfast will be provided free of charge to attendees from 8am-10am in Seawiches Restaurant in the Pristine Bay Beach Club Feb 2 and Feb 3


Joining the catered lunch costs $15 per person per day and it is available Feb 2 and Feb 3


We look forward to welcoming you to meet the top innovators of our age in one of the most beautiful and creative environments known to earth!

Pristine Bay
Bay Islands, Honduras
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