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5 Business Ideas For Non-Coders

Hosted by Stoa 🦁
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Have you ever wanted to build something but you have no idea what to do? If you look for ideas online, you give up because there are so many to choose from that it only confuses you more. 

And if you finally find something, it requires technical skills or fancy things like knowledge of data science. Hiring anyone is expensive and silly even before you know if the idea will work. And hence, you crush your dreams of becoming a digital entrepreneur. 

But let us tell you that you don’t have to be a developer or engineer to be a digital entrepreneur. In 2021, it’s easy to use your skills and creativity to build successful businesses with the help of existing tools. And we are going to give you those ideas! 

In this workshop, we are killing two birds with one stone - we will give you 5 profitable ideas & tell you which no-code tools to use to work on those ideas. These business ideas don't require a lot of capital and can be built even if you are not an engineer or developer. 

With an abundance of existing problems out there, just waiting to be solved, this can be your chance to make it big.

In this workshop, you will find:

  • 5 real-world business ideas that don't require a lot of capital or technical knowledge

  • How to get your initial set of customers for each idea

  • Which no-code tools will help you execute your idea

  • Top 5 Mistakes to avoid while launching a startup as a non-tech founder

  • Examples of successful no-code businesses in the real world 

After attending this masterclass, we are sure that you will walk away with at least one idea that you like and can execute over the weekend. 

Let me also throw in this sweet deal: If you build upon any of the ideas, we will share them in our network and get you the initial feedback. 

Imagine, the possibility of building a side business just because you invested 1 hour in attending a Stoa masterclass! 

Note: This workshop is for anyone who has extra time on their hands, has exhausted all Netflix shows, and is ready to build something. 

Your host:

Raj (@kunksed, 8.1k+ followers) will be sharing 5 startup-up ideas for non-coders and how to execute them.

​​In the end, we will have Q&As open to everyone.