Open House: A festival of startup ideas

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Bronte McHenry
Lauren Capelin
Ryan Walker
Anubhav Ghosh


Twice a year, in May and November, we open our doors to the public in the form of Open House. Our goal is to give the startup community a tour of all Startmate has to offer.

What this means in practice is unrestricted access to the kind of sessions that feature in our Accelerator program.

This November, we have an eye-watering Open House line-up, including the likes of HealthMatch's Manuri Gunawardena, Culture Amp’s Rod Hamilton and Future's Rishi Mandal.

What's more, we're opening up our podcast studio to the public.

Want to learn more about the metaverse, Web3, sextech, the future of media, synbio and the future of waste? You're in luck.

Tune in when we record the first episodes of our new Underground podcast series and gather your insights before everyone else.

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