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Startmate Demo Day - W23 (part of SXSW)

Hosted by Startmate
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About Event

​Wanna know WTF is happening in Aussie and Kiwi startup land?

​Join us at Demo Day and you'll find out.

​From AI-powered recruitment and construction fleet management to vaccine nebulisers and inflatable space solar panels, you'll hear from 14 companies in our Winter23 Accelerator cohort who are set to reach new orbits.

​​They will be joining the ranks of Upguard, Morse Micro, Heaps Normal, Mindset, Propeller, Great Wrap, 5B, Swoop Aero, Aquila, Happy Co & Bugcrowd as Startmate Alumni.

​What is Demo Day?

​Demo Day is many things. A pitch night, networking event, and most importantly a BIG FAT PARTY.

​This will be our biggest event yet with 1,000 seats in the ICC as part of SXSW.

​Note: You don't need an SXSW ticket to attend Demo Day. Just purchase this Demo Day ticket and you're good to go!

Location: Sydney ICC - room: Pyrmont Theatre
(in the ICC, not Pyrmont)

πŸͺ© Afterparty: to be announced πŸ‘€

​​Overview of the night

​​6:20pm - Checkin & Mingling
6:45pm - Pitches Start
8:30pm - After Party πŸ‘€