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Pear VC x Stanford Garage & Fellowship Info Session

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​​Discover more about Pear Garage & the Pear Fellowship at Stanford by joining our information session scheduled for October 3rd, 2023, at 6:30 PM. We'll start with an overview of the programs and leave time for Q&A. 

​Pear Garage

​Pear Garage is a program for top entrepreneurial Stanford engineers to get access to a community of world-class peers, capital for any companies started during the program, and learnings from the Pear VC team. We provide members $10k in optional investment alongside dinners, workshops, credits, office space, talks, and a host of other benefits.

​Alumni include Nightfall, Affinity, Expedock, and many more successful startups. Apply and learn more at

​Pear Fellowship

​The Pear Fellowship is a VC apprenticeship designed to supercharge your readiness for a career in venture. Fellows are granted unparalleled access to dealflow, along with immersive training at our fall kick-off summit in San Francisco (including coverage for travel and accommodations), complemented by ongoing educational sessions.

​Fellows are empowered to design their own programming, build relationships with founders, conduct diligence, and formulate industry theses while at Pear. Apply and learn more at


​​​​​Pear VC is a pre-seed and seed stage VC firm that partners with entrepreneurs from their earliest days to build category defining companies. Pear has backed iconic companies such as Doordash, Guardant, Gusto, Branch, Vanta, Aurora Solar, Nobell Foods and more at the earliest stages. We're company builders, having founded 12 companies: we help companies find product-market fit, recruit their first engineering hire, and overcome other critical business challenges.