Substrate Saturday - Bootcamp Series 2



This event is sold out and no longer taking registrations.

Event Information

What is Substrate Saturday?

Substrate Saturday is a FREE 3 month bootcamp with 6 interactive training sessions ONLY for developers.

The workshops will cover fundamentals of Rust & Substrate from scratch, including live coding sessions and one on one mentoring.

This foundation level curriculum training is in sync with global substrate standards set by Parity & Web3 Foundation.

On interim Saturdays, there will be also be guest workshops from tech leaders of globally successful projects - Astar Network, Unique Network and Polkadex!

On successful completion of the bootcamp, participants will also have the opportunity to intern or get placed with our recruitment partners:

Note : Only contenders with live participation/attendance at scheduled training sessions will be considered for placements.

About Polkadot India

A community for aspiring & established entrepreneurs working on blockchain or Polkadot projects, developers building on Substrate, Solidity or Hyper-ledger; and even blockchain enthusiasts, to connect, collaborate and build!

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