Cover Image for Overcoming Life Hurdles ─ with Exor COO & Bestselling Author Suzanne Heywood
Cover Image for Overcoming Life Hurdles ─ with Exor COO & Bestselling Author Suzanne Heywood
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Overcoming Life Hurdles ─ with Exor COO & Bestselling Author Suzanne Heywood

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London, England
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From limited formal education to a place at Oxford and becoming COO of investment giant Exor, Chair of industrial groups Iveco and CNH ( NYSE: CNHI ), Bestselling Author, and one of the Most Influential Women in industrial business and automotive:

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Presented & Moderated by:
Dr Cristina Esteban Pardo (Founder at Frontier Deep Tech - event co-host)
Francesco Perticarari (General Partner at Silicon Roundabout Ventures - event co-host)

This fireside chat will feature:

🏭 Suzanne Heywood ─ COO at Exor NV and Chair of Iveco Group and CHH Industrial.

With a Net Asset Value of around €33 billion, Exor's portfolio includes companies in which Exor is the largest shareholder: Ferrari, Stellantis, CNH Industrial, Juventus FC, Iveco Group, The Economist, GEDI Gruppo Editoriale and SHANG XIA.

Of top relevance to the Deeptech community: after such a strong industrial pedigree, Exor launched and now heads both Exort Ventures and Lingotto. Both investing actively in frontier technologies across venture and growth.

Suzanne has served and currently serves as Chair to many of the companies in the Exor group and is the Bestselling Author behind "Wavewalker: Breaking Free" and "What Does Jeremy Think". She was honoured in Davos 2024 with the World Woman Hero Award of the Year.

"All of the best people, in our opinion, have gone through a level of trauma. Where at some point life shows up and it’s not just all Tom and Jerry and cartoons. And it shows its teeth” ─ Barend Van den Brande, GP @ Hummingbird (3 times 12X net TVPI VC).

Come along for an exciting evening of disruptive technology discussions, market trends insights, and a relaxing evening of socialising with Angels, VC Investors , Startup founders and Tech Enthusiasts🦄 🍷


Due to limited venue capacity, please get your tickets as soon as possible AND MAKE SURE TO ONLY SIGN UP IF YOU CAN ACTUALLY ATTEND!


  • Arrival and mingling: 6pm

  • Intro and fireside chat with Suzanne Heywood followed by Q&A

  • Drinks & Networking

Learn - Network -Disrupt directly from:

  • Angels and VCs investors

  • Awesome startup founders

  • Founders & Entrepreneurs and learn how they have overcome many challenges

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London, England
The Biggest Deeptech Community in Europe