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Class - Spreadsheet Hacks for Fundraisers



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"Mail merge straight into my email changed my life."

Seriously increase your donor outreach effectiveness in 50 minutes with Louis Diez.

You'll learn to:

Mail merge emails from a spreadsheet

Use for: personalized invitations, segmented solicitations, heartfelt thank you emails

Automatically combine first-last name on any list (or split full names into first/last)

Use for: addressing people by their right name (no more "Dear Mary Smith"), whether you want to do first name ("Dear Mary"), last name ("Dear Ms. Smith"), or build their address block ("Ms. Mary Doe")

Segment any list on the fly to find exactly the segment you're looking for

Use for: Segmented and personalized communications without involving a database analyst

This session will be shared for free with the nonprofit community on LinkedIn Live.

** If you have a professional development budget, your $50 contribution will support the Donor Participation Project mission to increase donor participation in nonprofits AND get you:

  • Access to the live lesson on Zoom so you can ask questions

  • Session recording that you can share with your team 

  • Templates and example files

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