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Substack Spotlight On: Fiction

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Nascent fiction writers are looking for new venues to publish their work, grow an audience, and get paid. Elle Griffin is one of the writers leading this exploration. Her writing about the future of fiction caused a stir in recent months. In response, she organized a community of Substack fiction writers on Discord. Today, she’s actively experimenting with making Substack the home for her next serial novel

For this workshop, we’ll gather the greater community of fiction writers to learn from Elle’s experience and share best practices for fiction writing on Substack.

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  • ​Who: Fiction writers who are currently writing on Substack or exploring doing so

  • What: Live interview with Elle Griffin hosted by Bailey, Substack Head of Community, a demo of Substack best practices, and Q&A

About the writer
Elle Griffin fell in love with French literature and then the associated gothics. When she ran out of fiction to read, she wrote her own. After she finished writing her gothic novel, she researched the best way to publish it and found that publishing with a Big Four publishing house is a writer's best bet to reach readers. But even that outcome is highly unlikely—and there could be a better way. She’s gearing up for the fall when she will release a serial novel on her Substack, The Novelleist.