Clearing up the Cholesterol Confusion: Why the LPP® (Lipoprotein Particle Profile) is a Better Tool for Determining Risk of Heart Disease



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Measuring lipoproteins is important because the most effective treatment for lowering heart disease risk depends on which lipoprotein is elevated. In this class, you will learn why standard cholesterol testing does not correlate with cardiac events and is quite a misleading biomarker, even despite the fact it is still used in many medical practices.   Further, you will receive information on the four risk factors targeted by the National Institutes of Health as key biomarkers that allow you to better stratify risk in your patients.   Finally, you will learn why one common technology for lipoprotein testing (NMR) can lead to over-treatment, and why LPP® technology gives a more accurate assessment of risk.


  • Why is standard cholesterol testing so misleading?

  • Why does cholesterol-depletion and cholesterol-enrichment mean?

  • What are the four NCEP risk factors and why measure them?

  • Why is Lipoprotein(a) so unique?

  • What are the disadvantages of NMR technology for lipoprotein testing?


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