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Cumbre De Aprendizaje de Arte Generativo

Hosted by Ameesia Marold & 3 others
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About Event

Bright Moments is offering 3-days of generative art education to local Mexico City based artists. The classes will provide introductory knowledge of p5js, shaders, and randomness. 

All classes taught by JuanRG, Mario Carillo, Ilithya, & ZJorge from 10am-3pm

Tuesday, Nov 8th: Intro to p5
Wednesday, Nov 9th: Shaders
Thursday, Nov 20th: Randomness

The classes will be taught in Spanish by renowned generative artists. As an attendee, you are asked to attend all 3 days of classes, as they are related to one another. 

Selected works produced during the classroom sessions will be displayed during the official NFT ART CDMX event!