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2020 Space Census - Stats & Chats

Hosted by Space Skills Alliance & Heidi Thiemann
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Join us to discuss the landmark findings of the 2020 Space Census, the first comprehensive demographic statistics for the UK space workforce and the next steps for the sector.

Our panel:

  • Yvette Hopkins, Executive Vice President of Shetland Space Centre

  • Craig Brown, Vice President of Major Programmes at SatixFy and Diversity & Inclusion Champion for the Space Skills Advisory Panel

  • Áine O’Brien, Diversity Officer at the Royal Astronomical Society and planetary scientist at the University of Glasgow

  • Joseph Dudley, Director of the Space Skills Alliance

This won't be an hour of slides, the focus will be on hearing from our panellists and answering your questions, so it's worth taking a look at the summary at the beginning of the report beforehand.

The event will start at 1:05pm and finish promptly at 1:50pm to give you time to grab a sandwich and go to the loo in between calls.