Cover Image for Spaace x Rug Radio x Lingo ft. Seedphrase | A Web3 Odyssey @ Aura Skypool
Cover Image for Spaace x Rug Radio x Lingo ft. Seedphrase | A Web3 Odyssey @ Aura Skypool
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Spaace x Rug Radio x Lingo ft. Seedphrase | A Web3 Odyssey @ Aura Skypool

Hosted by Spaace, Eve & Pudgy Penguins
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Dubai, Dubai
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About Event

About the event

Experience a highly exclusive event party on April 19th with Spaace, Rug Radio, and Lingo at Aura Skypool — Dubai’s most iconic venue.

Expect up to 550 esteemed guests, featuring gourmet cuisine, unforgettable cocktails, and a sensational DJ set by Seedphrase, ensuring a memorable experience.

Located at the heart of the iconic Palm Jumeirah, Aura boasts a stunning 360° infinity pool suspended 200 meters above ground, offering unparalleled views of the Dubai skyline.

Forge connections with a meticulously curated selection of guests: entrepreneurs, founders, VCs, angels, developers and influencers from the NFT and crypto space.

Witness the bridge between the virtual and the physical, where the elite of elites are brought together in one the world’s most majestic venue.

About Spaace

Spaace is an upcoming gamified NFT marketplace and aggregator with 100% revenue sharing focused on immersive gamification and rewards to transform traders into players.

Spaace's core mission is to reinvigorate the NFT market, save it from its current decline and spark the next NFT bull-run.

Supported by prominent backers including Zeneca, 01X Capital, Corgi Calls, and Nexus Gaming, Spaace is committed to reinstating community centrality, paving the way for the rebirth of NFTs’ past glory.

About Rug Radio

Rug Radio, a global leader in decentralized content creation, boasts a dynamic community with scores of creators and thousands of active members within its DAO. Decrypt Media, known for its independent publishing aimed at demystifying the Web3 world, reaches millions of people each month who come to its site for news and education.

About Lingo

The world’s most rewarding token.

Gamified, RWA-powered rewards ecosystem for next billion wave. Allows users to stake $LINGO and do quests to win rewards in real life.

Lingo's investors collectively manage over $3 billion in assets, and its rewards ecosystem is partnering with 3,000+ brands such as Spotify, Netflix, Starbucks, Nike, and IKEA.

About Seedphrase

Known for wearing the large headpiece depicting his iconic CryptoPunk, Daniel Maegaard (aka Seedphrase) is one of the most prolific figures in the Web3 community due to his portrayal of today's fringe culture in high-end luxury fashion, generative art, and music. As an early stage crypto investor, he first discovered crypto in 2013 and has since amassed one of the largest personal collections of digital art and NFTs. Throughout the emerging tech sector, Daniel actively illustrates the malleable nature of digital identity in today's digital renaissance by strongly advocating for generative art, the digitization of high-end luxury, and musical expression through NFTs. Seedphrase is the vehicle through which Daniel expresses his vision for the future of web3.

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Dubai, Dubai
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