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with MetaMask Snaps X BitDAO

Sozu Haus Bogotá with MetaMask Snaps X BitDAO

Hosted by Sozu Haus & 4 others
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Presenting Sozu Haus Bogotá by BitDAO in partnership with MetaMask Snaps with bounties contributed by Game7.

​Sozu Haus Bogotá will be hosted between Oct 6-15 in Bogotá, Colombia. 

​Sozu haus will focus on a mixture of prompts proposed collaboratively by MetaMask Snaps, BitDAO, Game7 and BitDAO ecosystem members. Look here for more info about our prompts - (Prompt Intros).

​With 20K+ in bounties and time to work alongside MetaMask Snaps, BitDAO and Game7 product leads, devs working in our house will have the chance to build something major.

​Builders interested in hacking, fill out the application with your info on and please indicate which prompt you will be hacking on. If your application is approved, someone from our team will get back to you with more details next week.

​Notes on our partners:

​BitDAO is empowering the next generation of Web3 builders and orgs with one of the largest and most diverse token-governed treasuries in the world. Find out more about BitDAO here -

​MetaMask is a crypto wallet & gateway to blockchain apps, trusted by over 21 million users worldwide. Metamask Snaps is a system that allows anyone to safely expand the capabilities of MetaMask. Find our more about MetaMask Snaps here -

Game7 is an Autonomous Institution with a treasury that's managed and deployed by the community. This community will help shape capital allocation decisions, define gaming standards, fund open-source software and help make the gaming industry sustainable by ensuring it’s equitable and fair. Find out more about Game7 here -


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