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About Event

We're blown away by the interest for Spotlight! So much that if you sign up now we may not be able to accommodate you :( You can sign up for the waitlist in case we have spots free up, but we otherwise encourage you to check out our other events/weekly sessions. All guests MUST have a valid Luma QR code to attend. If you are registered and approved, you should have a confirmation in your inbox.

Stay up to date with us on Instagram and @soto_place on Twitter/X for the latest information.

About the Event

Soto Spotlight is a multidisciplinary demo showcase and exhibition in Toronto, ON. It is the culmination of the passion projects people work on weekly at Soto's co-working sessions.

10+ demos will take the stage in themed segments spanning film & media, technology & startups, art & music, and more, followed by interactive booths to engage with the presenters.

Inspired by events like the Socratica Symposium and Pop-up Magazine, come out to support the cool projects dreamed up in Toronto every weekend. Dinner on us! 🌯

​​​​What's Soto?

  • ​​​Since January 2023, we've hosted 70+ co-working sessions comprised of a group of driven folks keeping each other accountable. The format is simple: 50 minutes of co-working (x2) and 10 mins of break time followed by brief demos for people to talk about what they worked on.

  • We work on all sorts of projects ex. coding an app, knitting, making beats, painting custom shoes - as long as its something you find personally meaningful and not your main "project" (i.e. not schoolwork if you're a student, not job work if you're employed), you're welcome to work on it here!

  • We are a Socratica Lattice-affiliated event. For more information about Socratica visit


  • We spend too much time daydreaming about our ideas and not nearly enough time actually making progress to get there. Soto was born out of feeling like we never make the time to pursue our side projects - and it turns out weren't not the only ones who felt this way!

  • Having a community to keep each other accountable and share about our passions can help us make meaningful progress in (the best possible) ways we could never have predicted.

  • TL;DR we just want to have fun and learn new things alongside supportive people :)

​​​​About our Sponsor: LOCO SPACE

LOCO SPACE is a long-time supporter of Soto, and generously let us use their venue every weekend to host our sessions. If you are looking for a co-working space or a venue to host events, we highly recommend checking them out at

Each Spotlight attendee will receive a free day-pass to LOCO!

William Doo Auditorium
45 Willcocks St, Toronto, ON M5S 2H3, Canada
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