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Solana Toronto December

Hosted by Amy Qin & Kozy
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Toronto, Ontario
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As the sun sets on the longest night of the year, join Solana Toronto for Solana Solstice Soirée, set against the dazzling backdrop of downtown Toronto, invites you and your loved ones to revel in the triumphs and memories of the past year.

On this magical night, let's set our intentions for the upcoming year 🎶🔮🌌 Look forward to mystical events and feel the magic around the room as we come together as a community for Solana. We manifest for Solana and dream on what's Only Possible on Solana.

New to Solana? There will be hands-on demos, ecosystem exposure, and a healthy network of Solana natives to help walk you through Solana 101. Join us for our activities (soon to be announced) and immerse yourself in an authentic night of Solana ecosystem.

There are no points for dressing up for the Soirée, feel free to wear your favorite piece of merch that you wore to all the previous Solana Toronto, or wear a suit/giant dress. If you have a significant other you would like to bring to Solana Toronto, this is the perfect opportunity to bring them to our holiday party!

Nominate 2023's best to be presented at the event here.

Co-hosted by Amy and Kozy, with love from MonkeDAO, MultiChain Advisors, et al. we're taking you to a whole new space where we can be one as a community and share in our knowledge, experience, and talents. Location will be announced soon.




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Reach Amy at amyqin on Telegram