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Solana Toronto August

Hosted by Amy Qin
Past Event
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About Event

​Hosted by 0xSolanaGirl and CanadianTuxedo, trailblazing pioneers pushing for Solana awareness in the Canadian ecosystem, we're thrilled to invite you to Solana Toronto, a vibrant growing community dedicated to all things Solana!

What Participants Can Expect:

  1. Deep Dives into Solana: Whether you're new to Solana or have been around for a while, our sessions are tailored to give you a comprehensive understanding of the technology, its benefits, and its growing ecosystem.

  2. Hands-On Workshop: GooseFX will be offering workshops aimed introducing Solana beginners to creating a wallet and paper trading.

  3. Roadmap to Breakpoint: Solana Toronto's road to Breakpoint 2023, where Canada comes together.

  4. Product Demos:

    1. Solana Page by 0xSolanaGirl

    2. GooseFX by Harm

    3. DM amyqin on Telegram if you would like to present.

  5. Networking Opportunities: Mingle with like-minded enthusiasts, developers, investors, and innovators from the Solana community. It's a fantastic opportunity to expand your network within the blockchain space.

  6. Swag and Giveaways: Don't leave empty-handed! We've got some exclusive Waterloo Blockchain and Solana swag for attendees, along with a few surprises!

  7. Food and Drinks: Thanks to Solana Foundation's support of the community, we are providing food and drinks for the attendees.

  8. Proof of Growth NFT: Add your NFT avatar to our Proof of Growth NFT airdropped after every meetup! Register for the airdrop here.


  • ​7pm - Welcome drinks and mingling

  • ​7:30pm - Introduction

  • 8pm - Dinner

  • ​8:30pm - Workshop, networking and product demos

This meetup is inclusive and equal for everyone, so whether you are new to Solana or a Solana Guru, you are welcomed! Find that this meetup is a treasure trove of knowledge, connection, and community. LFG TORONTO!


Use the #SolanaToronto hashtag for Twitter/X! We'd love to see your event photos.

Solana Toronto Telegram

Solana Canada Telegram


If you'd like to be a part of the planning initiative please dm amyqin on Telegram.